Thursday, February 5, 2015

Works of heART {Angle Measurement}

We wrapped up our basic angle measurement unit and I took down our winterish decor, so I needed something new to brighten up our daily commute through the hallway.  Those two things don't have anything to do with each other except that I decided to make a heart themed bulletin board using our angle measuring skills.

I searched for a little inspiration, and found these adorable hearts.  However, I had to make the art project fit into our curriculum so I simplified the art part and stepped up the math just a tad.  Gotta teach those standards, ya know?

I got busy and pre-cut squares of cardstock and went ahead and traced the heart on each paper ahead of time as a time saver (and because as anticipated, I had students that said things related to "I stink at making hearts!").

We made our lines together- my instructions being that we would make FIVE lines TOTAL.  Two lines that go completely across the page, and three lines that start at one line and go wherever you want it to go.

Then we got measuring.  I was actually really glad we did this activity because we were so used to measuring one lonely angle that when there were a bunch of angles some students had a hard time locating what to measure.  It was a good lesson in how angles are all over the place and aren't just two lonely rays connecting in the middle of nowhere.

Oil pastels were our medium of choice.  I chose them simply because they were so bright, not because they are so messy, which they are... but that just makes things more fun, right?  Students measured one angle at a time, then write down the measurement and the angle color in their notebooks.  We transferred those measurements to the back of our mounting paper when we were finished.

Students filled in any non-angle sections with random colors of their choice.  I loved this as a culminating activity!  Plus our hallway is pretty cheerful now.

The Michael's Valentine's Day sale got the best of me and I ended up with a package of Valentine's Day scrapbook cardstock, which I told my Cricut to cut into large hearts to add in between our artwork in the hallway display.  It was a weak moment for me, but I was happy with out it turned out.  


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